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Sweepstakes: Enter for a Chance to Win a FJ DryJoys Tour XP Rain Jacket

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We can never be too sure what Mother Nature has in store for us.  Make everyday playable by entering for a chance to win the NEW DryJoys Tour XP Rain Jacket.  We will draw 1 name per week for 4 weeks ending on August 31, 2015.

NEW DryJoys Tour XP Features include:

  • 3-Layer Bonded Fabric that eliminates weight and improves mobility
  • FJ Four-Way Stretch Shell allows complete range of motion
  • Extra-breathable waterproof barrier and super soft brushed tricot liner
  • Seam Sealed
  • Tour Proven
  • 20,000 mm of Water Column Pressure
  • Exclusive StaDry Collar Design

As you can see, this is not your average rain jacket!

To enter, reply to this thread and tell us about the harshest conditions that you have ever played in.  Perhaps it was a golf trip overseas playing in some 'true links' conditions or a late season round where snow, sleet or hail joined on the back 9.  We will randomly draw one name from this thread each week for four weeks as the winners of one (1) DryJoys Tour XP Jacket each.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Good luck!

Canadian Residents Only. No purchase necessary. One entry per household. Winner each week will be notified via email to confirm shipping.

  • The worst conditions that I ever played in was sometime near the very end of October 2003.  The round that day started off a rather overcast and chilly 5*C and this required a long sleeve shirt and my FJ Rain Jacket.  By the time we got on the tee on the second hole, it started to lightly snow, so on came the toque.  

    I remember saying to my friends that by the time we get to the furthest point from the club house, it'll probably get worse as per the story of our lives, so now is the time to bail out and go back should they want to stop because the clubhouse was a stone's throw away.  Nope, we kept on playing and sure enough we eventually got to the point of no return (furthest spot away from the clubhouse) and had added the FJ Rain Pants and FJ Rain Gloves.  Upon playing in, I added a FJ Wind Shirts as well to my attire and kept my hands between my knees while in the cart.  I remember wishing I had a pair of Titleist Mitts at the time, ha ha!  They didn't let the cart girl out but one of the kitchen guys came out with four large cups of bailey's and coffee and told us we were nuts and that everyone else got off the course earlier.

    At the nineteenth hole, when we came up from the locker rooms, the sun was shining and we couldn't believe or eyes so we went and had lunch on the Patio to bask in the sun.  The day started at 5* and by the time we left, it was easily 18*.  Our conversations were strictly about how many climate changes we went through, cold, snow, then rainy and windy.  Numb fingers to wet grips and the balls felt as hard as a hockey puck at times.  So many wardrobe changes.... it was nuts!  Everything but the preverbial 'Kitchen Sink' was thrown at us!  

  • Our group of diehards play in everything. November in Ontario is always a "fun" time. Wind, snow, sleet, rain, cold. We play until 18 is done unless the greens are un-playable. Completely underwater, or covered in snow.

    The worst was when we lost a ball on the green. The snow came down so hard and fast after tee shots on a 220 yard par 3. By the time we got to the green we could not even putt.

  • The worst weather I played golf in you could barely see 50 yards because of torrential rainfall but had to take cover when the hail started, 30 minutes later the sun came out and finished the round.

  • Played once in 30-40 mile per hour winds with rain coming down sideways.  We held up a few times when the rain was really hard but we had to finish - a buddy got a hole in one on the 3rd hole that day and he wanted it to be official and on a complete scorecard so we all played on with him.  Drinks were definitely on him afterwards!

  • The worst weather I played in was in Myrtle Beach at the end of Feb 2015.   It was about 5*C and raining.   I believe it was only Canadians on the course that day.  Not the best score but pretty fun if you are dressed correctly or as best as possible.

  • I'm usually a fair weather player but got rained on so heavily at stage 1 of a friend's bachelor party at Deer Creek that the fairways and greens were ponding so we ended up bailing.

  • Played in dense fog which can be tough to follow the ball.

  • Nice sunny but chilly day got windy by the fourth hole and snow started on the fifth putting in two inch by the time we got to the seventh hole but it was less crowded.

  • The worst weather occurred this past weekend when it started hailing "GOLF BALL" size hail in the middle of our round... no kidding aside as the hail really was that big! The worst of it was that I didn't even bring a jacket and don't even own a dryjoy jacket anyway. :(

  • Worst conditions  I ever played in was on a spring golf trip to South Carolina, Santee area. We arrived to a warm day of 80 degrees and sunny first day. Then it all came crashing down. A massive cold font came it, with intermittent rain and enough clearings to at least play for our time there. The temps were only 4-6 degrees celcius, wind was 50kms and rain side ways. It was freezing and cold and wet. Joints hurt all over. umbrellas flying everywhere.  3 days of this yikes!

    we all swung wearing layers and layers of clothes and yes..... Dry joys and FJ rain pants to survive.

    Man..... do I ever wish I had one of those Tour XP jackets back then to go with my FJ rain pants. Maybe I can get lucky here in the sweeps.

    Have a great day team and good luck.

    Thanks FJ.

    James G

  • Played in early December last year. Day started off sunny and reasonably warm. By the fifth hole, it was overcast and next hole a cold rain started. Stuck it out and kept going only. Two holes later rain turned to wet snow. After a few holes precipitation stopped and temperature dropped to what seemed like freezing. Thank goodness for a foot joy rain suit!

  • I was with 3 friends playing golf at the 8th hole and it was the end of summer. A big storm came from no where and it was raining very badly and the wind was terrible. We were all wet ! The worst is that a big tree drop just beside us. Very scary day !

  • I will basically golf in any weather, rain...sun...even flurries.

    One of the worst was golfing in our Friday golf league started sunny, then turned to near tornado winds and ridiculous amount of rain, that we had no choice but to hit the clubhouse for cover. Made for an interesting evening which amounted to less golf & more conversation in the clubhouse.

  • Worst weather I ever played in was a Customer Golf Tournament I organized.  One year it was so cold and wet we actually had to move the entire tournament to a different golf course about 50 to 60 miles away because the original course had so much rain the course was flooded.  The new location was not much better but at least it was open and able to accommodate the tournament.  The wind was blowing at about 30kmh with gusts to close to 40 and it was COLD and there was so much rain everyone was buying rain gear at the Pro Shop, lots of FootJoy sold that day.  We did manage to pull the tournament off though so it was all good in the end.

  • Many years ago my regular foursome were at our annual May long weekend stay and play at Nottawasaga Inn and had to endure snow, cold, heavy winds that caused sideways rain and my 150 yard club (usually 8 iron) was my 5 wood. FJ rain jacket, shoes and rain gloves were my best defence that weekend.