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'Canadian Apparel Fit' - Did you know that we have one?

'Canadian Apparel Fit' - Did you know that we have one?


    Yes, FJ Golf Shirts sold in Canada have a unique fit that is specific to Canada.

    After some in depth consumer research over four years ago, we found Canadian Golfers preferred a golf shirt cut somewhere between a traditional 'US' and 'European' Fit.  We took that feedback seriously and have had the 'Canadian Fit' ever since.  The results have been outstanding based validations from Tour Players, Golf Professionals, Golf Retail Staff and Consumers.

    Have you recently purchased an FJ Shirt? How do you like the fit?

    We look forward to hearing from your.

    Mitch D

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    This is a great idea, I did not know this finally went through, the fit of the US model ones was way too big and the Euro was just hard to come by. Glad to see some stuff just for us Canadians!

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    Mitch does this apply to the rain gear going forward as well? Always found it a little big in some areas.
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    Interesting, I didn't know there was a Canadian Fit but I'm happy there is. I've only ever worn the FJ shirts from Canada and I definitely like the fit more than other golf shirts that are the traditional US fit.

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    I did not know this. Does it apply to women's shirts as well? I have as of yet to find an actual FJ women's shirt but I assume they are out there. Does Golftown stock them? I know my husband has a few shirts but it's generally harder to come by apparel for women.

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    I was fortunate enough to receive a FJ Shirt from Team Titleist during a visit to the Fitting Center for the 714 Iron Models.  They requested my shirt size and I put in XL and was truly elated to receive it and put it with all my other FJ Golf Shirts, but  when I finally tried it on, I thought that it was a European cut, lol!  Since that time I've purchased a dozen FJ shirts for my self  and friends as Gifts but in XXL and they fit great for me and my XL buddies as well, again, lol!  

    But in the back of my minD, this whole experience has motivated me to work on the ole 60 year stomach because of the original gift from the Titleist 714 iron model introduction at the fitting center.  Again, laughing out loud over this. 

    Love the FootJoy line, have tons of stuff from wind shirts to "Pro" stuff and love the quality.  To me, that's what it's all about because you look good, feel good and play good.



    FJ Outerwear is the same size in Canada as it is in the US.  However, the cut has been slimmed down over the past couple of years so be sure to try on a NEW Tour XP and/or HydroLite Jacket.  I think you'll find the fit quite impressive.

    We do offer Women's Performance Shirts but they are all solid colours right now.  Any FJ Authorized Retailer can order them on your behalf but I'm sure you'll want to try them on before having them do so.  Nevertheless, if an FJ Authorized Retailer does not have them in stock it is always good to ask so that they know there is interest to bring them in in the future.  With that said, between us friends here on the FJ Community, I can say that we are taking large strides toward Women's Fashion Apparel in the not-too-distance future.  More to come on that! ; )

    Mitch D

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    Good to know, I am in the market for a rain jacket this year. Tour XP or Hydrolite???


    Hi Lee,

    Great question!

    In terms of performance, the DryJoys Tour XP Jacket is THE ULTIMATE in waterproof technology.  

    HydroLite has many of the same performance features but is the lightest Rainwear EVER produced by FJ.

    Both come with a Two-Year Limited Waterproof Warranty and can withstand over 20,000 mm of Water Column Pressure. (More than you would ever see in a round of golf ; )

    Hopefully that helps!  Thanks again for the question!


    Mitch D

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    Hi Mitch,

    Does this mean that if I go to my local GolfTown or pro shop (being an FJ retailer location) that all of the new 2015 apparel will be the "Canadian" Fit?  

    If so, when did this become the standard for Canada?   I am curious because last year I bought the long sleeve base layer (for warm weather) and it was absolutely giant sized!  Hahaha a SMALL was huge on me!  :-)  


    Hi Doug,

    All FJ golf shirts are the 'Canadian Fit'.

    With the said, outerwear is the same fit as the US.  The fit for Jackets has actually been trimmed over the past couple of years so we're hearing great feedback on sizing in the regard.

    In terms of your base layer.  There are two different kind of base layers.

    Thermal Base Layer and Cooling Base Layer

    The Thermal Base Layer is a non-restricting constructed shirt that fits closely to the skin to help regulate body temperature without interfering with the golf swing.

    The Cooling Base Layer is ideal for Sun Protection featuring moisture wicking, UV Sun protection so that you stay cool, dry, comfortable and protected all day out on the links. 

    The Cooling Base Layer may fit looser and larger.  However, the Thermal Base Layer should be very true to your normal size.