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And, We're Back!

And, We're Back!

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    Bit of a lull the past week on the site but it's Easter and the long long weekend and totally understandable as to why it's been so quiet, so welcome back to the community and let's get active again.

    I just got offline from purchasing some FJ shirts from GolfTown and am seriously looking at more purchases from GolfLocker thanks to Chuck's recommendation.  After reviewing the site, I can see some serious deals there and am contemplating a few buys from the south, we'll see... hopefully the shipping and customs don't kill my decision.  Stay tuned.

    What are you all thinking of purchasing in the very near future... and, if you already have, please share your purchases with the rest of us.

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    I'm going to Golftown on Sunday to have a couple clubs re-gripped for this season. Might be a good time to do some shopping while waiting for them to be done. :D