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DryJoys Tour XP Rain Jacket

DryJoys Tour XP Rain Jacket

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    How often can you wash this jacket before its ability to shed rain reduces


    Rick:  I have two short sleeve and one half/zip shirt and do not wash them that often.   When mine get wet, I just hang them up to dry unless they get dirty.  They have a two year limited warranty under normal use.  You can go to footjoy.com for warranty details.  As I get older, I am less likely to play in the rain.  I like them for the wind and to knock off the chill, but they do come in handy when those showers pop up off the coast.  Worth the money.  Chuck      

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    Never have I washed these after a golf game in rainy weather, it's not required.  If I wear them socially and get some wing sauce or ketchup (Family Crest) from fries on it then I simply wash it and dry it and voila... it's fine and ready for the next use.  You can wash them forever, just saying!