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What's your favorite FJ Gear for Fall ?

What's your favorite FJ Gear for Fall ?

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    We are into the last days of golfing here in the mid north of Ontario. I was wondering what fellow FJ members wear for the cooler days of fall golf. Do you have a preferred FJ jacket, gloves, pants ?

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    I'm loving my new XP Rain Jacket very easy to make a full swing while wearing it, use it even when I'm off the course because it feels light, it's stylish and comfy.

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    Hey Darius
    I wear my dry joys rain pants and jacket to extend the season till they close my home coarse. I also have some wool sweaters from FJ that are unbelievably warm for the extra cold days. FJ has a lot of good clothes to layer properly for cold conditions. Hope you make the best of the weather before the "s" word happens.
    Stu M
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    I'm now wearing my Tour XP rain jacket, pants and rain bucket on the raining days to help extend my season, as well as mock turtle necks and pullover sweaters.


    Fall is here in the lowcountry of South Carolina and we go off Daylight Savings Time this weekend and hopefully I can start wear a few of the FJ vests that I purchased this year.  My favorite time of the year.  Shorts and vests.  

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    Beauty day today (Nov. 3/15) and for the next couple as well so I'm just 'modeling' the FJ long sleeve shirt collections for now.  Enjoy the weather (gift) folks!

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    Hi Darius,

    Well.... Christmas is now not too far away!  As for my favourite FJ fall items -- I generally have two big items that I really like from FJ and that would be my FJ Tour XP rain jacket and my FJ half zip pull-over sweater tops.  I know that if the weather takes a turn for the worse (ie: rain) then my rain jacket is plenty strong enough to tackle the rain.

    The half zip pullover sweater is also an excellent piece for layering.  I can wear a short sleeve golf shirt underneath or perhaps a mock neck (ie: I like my FJ white mock neck with long sleeves) and it keeps me warm.  If it gets too warm, I can always peel off one of the layers or I can add the jacket. 

    I also like the FJ pants for this time of the year as I find they tend to be a slightly heavier construction than other labels which tend to be more for warmer weather.  The FJ pants have some good warmth to them over the other labels and they fit so well that I can slip on a pair of long underwear if I need to for added warmth.

    I'm really happy with my FJ additions as I am really fortunate to be playing a fair bit in cooler/winter months!