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New Sweaters for 2016

New Sweaters for 2016

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    Hi everyone,

    I picked up a new FJ sweater earlier this year and I must say that I am so very impressed with it.

    The styling is classic yet with a contemporary look and is constructed of 100% wool.  The sweater is a half or quarter zip mock neck with ribbed cuffs and ribbed neck for a snug yet comfortable fit.  I purchased the "Heather Blue" version which is very attractive and versatile as a staple in my golf attire - particularly for the cooler months.  The contemporary styling, fit and looks means that this can also do more than just provide added warmth on the golf course -- after golf, I can slip into the clubhouse or a local pub with my playing partners and my sweater is a great piece that is never out of place.

    I've worn my FJ Mock Neck base layer underneath it for warmth and layering and this sweater over top for a warm and stylish fit.  The wool fabric is not too tightly woven together and is not particularly heavy weight so it is breathable, yet still offers some warmth.  Using a layered approach helps keep me warm when I'm facing some cool breezes while not overheating when the clouds part and the sun shines down. It's a great piece for the fall and early spring season.

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    Very nice purchase!  A lot of sales on FJ apparel last month at GolfTown.  Made a few purchases On-Line myself and got this exact piece that you purchased and it is very stylish as well as functional.  Good choice Douglas, lol!


    A very good choice, Douglas.