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Austin, San Antonio

    Posted this on the Ambassador Only forum as well...... Hey friends, in July I will be in San Antonio and Austin for my daughters cheer competition, I'm probably going to try to play in one or both of those cities. Any course suggestions and anyone of my fellow Ambassadors or Community members in the area might want to catch a round?

    Hey there big man....

    In San Antonio not far from the airport there is a course called The Quarry. Built in an old gravel quarry (hence the name). https://quarrygolf.com/

    Now I haven't been there to play golf for at least 5 years, so no idea how it is. But back then it was an absolute blast.

    Go Mikey. Go Mikey.....


    Barton Creek is always a favorite of mine. It is expensive but is always very well maintained and a great experience.

    Thanks for your suggestions, appreciate it!!
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    I played this course about 6 or 7 years ago and it was a great layout and a tough course.