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Golf Hat FAQs

What are the different types of golf hats?

Depending on your preferences and weather conditions, there are several golf hat styles to choose from:

  • Golf hats: Golf hats resemble a traditional baseball cap but often come with a snapback to give golfers the ability to adjust the size. Golf caps are perfect for any course and are great at blocking the sun and rain.
  • Golf bucket hats: Golf bucket hats feature downward-sloping brims that go around the entirety of the hat, offering both face and neck protection. Bucket hats for golf are both practical and stylish, making them a great option for the course.
  • Golf beanies: For colder days, including winter months, you can opt for a golf beanie, which is constructed with warm fabrics to keep your head and ears warm when the temperature drops.
  • Flat-brim golf hats: Golfers looking for increased sun protection can reach for a flat-brim golf hat, which offers a wider brim compared to a traditional golf hat.
How should you style a golf hat?

Golf hats pair well with any golf apparel, making it easy to complete your golfing outfit. When deciding on a golf hat to wear, it’s important to consider the weather and temperature. Golf hats are great for warmer days and can be worn with golf shorts and men’s or ladies' golf shirts. On the other hand, golf beanies and knit hats work better on cooler days that also require golf outerwear and warmer apparel, like men's golf pants or women’s mid and base layers.

What should you look for in a golf hat?

Golf hats are worn by most professional golfers, as they help block the sun and rain that can interfere with their vision and swing. With that said, there are a few qualities to look for in golf hats to ensure they offer full protection:

  • Breathability: Your head expends the most heat in your body, which means you want to look for golf hats made from breathable materials to keep your head cool during warmer conditions.
  • Size: A golf hat in the wrong size can be uncomfortable. Shopping for golf caps with an adjustable snap back can help you find the right fit.
  • Colour: Golf is a professional sport, which means your appearance matters. Search for golf hats in colours that match the rest of your golf apparel to create a cohesive look.