Welcome to the FJ Performance Fitting System

At FootJoy, we have reviewed and analyzed thousands of golf swings to create the FJ Performance Fitting System. The FJ Performance Fitting System will assist you in finding the right shoe to fit your swing. By selecting the right footwear, we have seen an average gain of 3 – 4 miles per hour in club head speed which can equate to more than 10 yards. Discover how the system works and Get Performance Fit today.

How it works

FootJoy has gathered, collected and analyzed data on thousands of golf swings and determined there’s not one shoe for every player. Based on a player’s interaction with the ground, we can determine the best shoe to fit their swing. With the FJ Performance Fitting System, we only need 3 swings with your driver and 5 minutes to determine the right shoe for your swing. Get Performance Fit today

Trace Videos

  • Dual

    Scott Stallings

  • Mobile

    Brendan Steele

  • Structured

    Justin Thomas

Footwear and Performance

Performance starts from the ground up. The FJ Performance Fitting System analyzes how you interact with the ground during the golf swing and whether you could benefit from a structured shoe or a mobile shoe. Your footwear is a vital part of your equipment and with the right shoe, you can increase your speed and power. Get Performance Fit today.



The Science

FJ, the #1 shoe in golf, and BodiTrak Sports, a sports technology company specializing in an athlete’s interaction with the ground, formed a partnership with one goal in mind – to better understand the connection between footwear selection and golf performance. We collected and analyzed data on thousands of golf swings and created algorithms to predict which type of footwear a golfer would benefit from…and the results were surprising. There is not one type of shoe that benefits all players. In fact, we found 1/3 performed better with a mobile shoe, 1/3 performed better with a structured shoe and 1/3 could wear either type of shoe.